The Xperia Soda Stunt

Delivering waterproof smartphones
in true undercover manner.

During the opening weekend of James Bond movie Skyfall in Stockholm, Sony Mobile carried out a stunt in true undercover manner to promote the waterproof smartphone Xperia Acro S.
A smartphone worthy of James Bond.

Client: Sony Mobile
Agency: CP+B Europe
My role: Jr. Art Director

Awards and press:
Cannes Lions – Shortlist, PROMO & ACTIVATION LIONS: Best Use of Experiential Marketing in a Promotional Campaign, 2013
New York Festivals – Finalist Certificate, FILM: Use Of Medium, 2013
Ads of the World – Gold in Best Ambient, November 2012
Creativity Online – Pick of the day
Adweek – Ad of the day
Advertising Age – Creativity pick of the day
Best Ads – Best Interactive Ad
Resumé – Jättegenomslag för Xperia-kampanj
Dagens Media – Gömde mobiltelefoner i läsken


The new Sony Xperia V – the least
impressing is its water resistance.

Isn't it strange that modern smartphones have so many amazing features and apps, but can't handle something as basic as being used outdoors? At Sony, water resistance is no big deal. It's the least impressive thing about the new Xperia V.

Client: Sony Mobile
Agency: CP+B Europe
My role: Jr. Art Director and Designer

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in collaboration with Kanal 5 we used the graphics for some of their most popular shows to interact with the commercial. All spots ran right before the announced upcoming show.

Water resistance in smartphones should be something you can take for granted. (Swedish Voice Over)

Scania Fleet Management System

What detail can you change?

Fleet owners are busy and why add another chore to their already stressful lives? Scania’s Fleet Management System helps you find the key detail needed to make your fleet go further. No need for big changes. Start by changing one detail and see what happens.

Client: Scania
Agency: CP+B Europe
My role: Art Director

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A dictionary that cuts the
corners, guesses, lie and cheat.

A dictionary is by definition based on research and hard facts. We wanted to investigate what happens if you do the complete opposite. ”Encyclopedia in Absurdum” is a dictionary that cuts the corners. It’s full of guesses, speculations, lies and prejudices making it the potentially worst dictionary ever written. The book consists of 150 words with very strange explanations and dozens of illustrations. For more information about the book, visit our website.

Client: Personal
Agency: School Project
My role: Art Director, Writer and Designer

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The website was featured on One Page Love.

48H – RBU

A disabled child's everyday challenges
shouldn't differ from other children's.

48h (www.48h.se) is the biggest advertising competition for students in Sweden with hundreds of participants from all over the country. Each year the hosts of the competition pick out a nonprofit organization. This year the nonprofit organization was RBU - the National Association for physically disabled children. Together with complete strangers you have 48 hours to produce an ad. We took the silver medal and couldn't be prouder!

Client: RBU
Agency: 48h – Student Competition
My role: Art Director and Designer

Copy: "Emma doesn't like broccoli. That should be her biggest problem."

The Jury's Motivation (Swedish): Igenkänning är en av kommunikationens starkaste byggstenar och det har årets andrapristagare tagit fasta på. Ett klokt startegiskt val – för genom igenkänning kan vi nå målgrupper som tror att de egentligen inte är berörda eller behöver bry sig. I den vardagliga situationen: litet barn möter alldeles för stor portion grönsaker – broccoli! - kan alla föräldrar känna igen sig och därmed har vi öppnat dörren för fortsatt kommunikation – att ett rörelsehindrat barns vardagliga utmaningar inte borde vara större än alla andra barns.
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